Produced under the strictest quality controls.

In order to accomodate the characteristics of the condition of each beehive, a wide range of specialised products has been designed to cover specific needs.

Specific feed depending
on the needs of the beehive

The importance of a specific food is evident in every phase of the life cycle of the bee. If a supply of food lacked to the bees at some point in their life, the survival of the hive could put at risk.

  • Proteins and vitamins are key macronutrients during the growth of the beesfrom larva to insect.
  • For mature bees (drones, worker bees, and queen bees) the energy is supplied in the form of carbohydrates

The health of your bees as
the center of our formulation

Related to the protein content of the diet the quantity and quality of it is very important. In this way, the bee should be obtained from the diet those amino acids that is unable to synthesize endogenously and these should be the appropriate proportions to assimilate the protein ingested.

Vitamins also play an important role in nutrition of bees, mainly B vitamins.

Zukán Apícola is a Zukán brand, specialising in solid and liquid sugars, as well as mixtures.

If you would live to develop your own feeding, we will provide you with the necessary sugars:

sugar without starch, fructose, dextrose…