Development of a specific liquid feed and feeder for the reinforcement of hives

This project, which is currently under development, is part of the Eureka European project program, which represents an instrument to support international technological cooperation.

The aim of this project, financed by the CDTI (answering to the Ministry of Science and Innovation), is the development of a liquid food based on the correct proportion of non-crystallizable sugars, vitamins and crude protein for the development of the hive.

Protein feeding is essential for the proper development of the hive and it is directly related to the production of honey. Commercial protein foods are mainly present in paste form, which delays their consumption at times when a quick supply of protein is wanted. In this line, a liquid food with a nutritional composition similar to pollen would allow a rapid assimilation of protein and other nutrients, achieving an optimal development of the hive in the shortest possible time.

The effect of the new product on the hive and honey production will be evaluated depending on characteristics of bees located in different countries such as Turkey, Italy and Spain, both in cold and temperate climates, in order to have a global vision of its potential.

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